Sunday, 27 January 2013

Underwater Update

We received our LifeProof case and followed the instruction to do the water test. You place an iPad shaped piece of plastic in the case and hold it underwater.

It didn't work.

We tried a number of times letting various people try to put the case together and water entered the case from the top and bottom each time.

To their credit, the company was wonderful about sending a replacement and taking the broken one back. Their customer service was excellent, very responsive and prompt.

When the replacement case arrived we tried the water test again.

It worked!!

Understanding the needs of the students we work with, we tried a more vigorous water test then the one LifeProof suggests. It did very well in the water, but when left out overnight to dry we discovered some water and condensation in the case.

Before we place an iPad in the pool we want to be sure that the case is 100% waterproof with their tester.

As anxious as we are to provide the students a way to communicate with instructors during swim class, we are taking our time getting there and making sure we are doing it right.

I promise to keep you posted and provide some underwater pictures as soon as we can.