Friday, 15 April 2011

Free Apps for Autism Month

This is a direct quote from an email that I received. If I find more apps with reduced/free for April I will add them to this post.

"The Apple apps store has all the ABA flashcards from   and they are free for the month of April in honor of autism awareness month. They regularly are .99 each but are now free!  These work for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Good news! At least two application vendors have decided to celebrate the World Autism Awareness Day by offering their apps for free. And some other vendors offer their apps with a discount reaching 50%. In some cases, discount will be effective for a month. Our thanks to all of them.

UPDATE: Special offers for Expressive, First Then Visual Schedule, I Get… Easter Egg Hunts, My Choice Board and Scene Speak are still valid. (I think that they will be for the rest of this month)."

I haven't checked to see if this is still valid information, but I will make any changes needed to this post as I find out.

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