Saturday, 14 May 2011

Super Tech Classroom

I am having a Promethean Board installed in my classroom this week. I am very excited! I have been working away at researching and creating flipcharts and learning about how to integrate this new system into my classroom teaching.

One of the things I am really interested in trying is connecting my iPad to the board. I know that the students will not be able to control the iPad through the whiteboard (maybe someone at Apple is working on this?) but I am very curious to see how they react to a much, much larger screen image.

I think that the larger size and higher visual contrast will be beneficial to my students. I think that the hands-on kinesthetic interaction will be beneficial. I have seem them respond to the iPad positively for these reasons and am very interested in watching them learn to use the Promethean Board.

These are exciting times to be a learner, and a teacher!

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