Saturday, 29 October 2011

As Seen On TV App List

Here are the apps that were shown in the story on 60 Minutes and on CBC The National.

ABA Receptive Identification,, $0.99              
ABA Receptive Identification- FCC Combined,, $0.99              
Alphabet Zoo, Third Rail, LLC, Free
Animal Stickers, Mind Juice Media, $1.99
Answers:YesNo, Simplified Touch, $3.99
AutismXpress, StudioEmotion Pty Ltd. Inc., Free
Count to 100, Midnightsoft, $0.99
Count TV, Sesame Street, $2.99
Look In My Eyes 1 Restaurant, FizzBrain, $2.99
Peekaboo Barn, Night & Day Studios, Inc., $1.99
Piano Pals, BigStack Studios, Free
Proloquo2Go, AssistiveWare, $189.99
Thomas Game Pack, HiT Entertainment, $2.99

This is a list of the apps that were seen on these broadcasts, it does not imply a recommendation of any particular app. Please research apps before you purchase them. If possible, try a 'lite' version if one is available, or test them out on someone's device who already owns it.

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