Friday, 18 November 2011

We Rest Our Case!

After working with our iPad2s in the classroom for 7 months and trying out a few different cases, we have finally found one that works for us.

The Big Grips case is a form fitted squishy case. It is non-toxic, lead, latex, phthalate and PVC free. It works with the screen protectors we are using . It has also been easy to keep clean. As well, they have been standing up to whatever the students do to them. I have even had my iPad thrown over a student's head and land safely.

bite and scratch marks

We have tried other cases and they have worked in some classrooms and not in others. This case seems to be working in all the rooms that have it.There is nothing on the case that distracts the students from the images on the screen. The case is thick enough that little fingers find it difficult to access the volume and power button. It has also worked well with the BubCap

It has a stand that can be purchased separately from the frame or as a combo. We are very happy with our cases. 


  1. I love these cases. Did you find a way to get them in Canada?

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