Thursday, 8 March 2012

The New iPad

I listened to the Apple Event yesterday for news of the iPad3. I was pleased to hear about the improved graphics, faster processor, and higher resolution camera. The upgrades are impressive, but I am not sure it is something we need to invest in right now. The changes between the original iPad and the iPad2 were game-changing. The camera and mirroring capability were reason enough for us to purchase some. I think that for how we are using our devices right now in the classroom we can hold off on investing in the newest version for a while. 

The App store also released a new app for the Mac called Apple Configurator. It is a free app that allows schools and businesses to manage multiple devices from a single account. It creates a way for a person to manage up to 30 devices. It even allows for this management to happen remotely. 

I can see many benefits to using this app with our devices. I wonder how it will impact the personalization and customization that each of our tablets have in the classroom. Each teacher has taken the time to format their device to the needs of their students and classroom environment. We have chosen not to have a single charging/synching station for this reason. 

I am also curious about the line in the description that refers to the Volume Purchase Plan restrictions on apps when using the Apple Configurator. I believe it might have been designed to work together with the Volume Purchasing Plan, making it a much better option for system wide management rather then what we are doing at our school. 

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