Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I have been reading about the new iOS system that Apple is releasing in the fall. It comes with some exciting additions for students with developmental disabilities under the Guided Access feature.

With the new iOS you will be able to disable the home button. That will allow teachers to set up an app for a student and not have to worry about them getting out of it. It will also ensure that when a student is making a choice of apps that they won't be able to just pop in and out of different apps without spending time first.

The other exciting change that is coming with the new operating system is the ability to restrict where the screen is touch sensitive. In my classroom that means that I will be able to isolate the small area where an iPhone app has been magnified for the iPad screen so that when they touch that space nothing will happen. It will also make it possible to restrict some areas on a screen that would allow a student to go back to a menu or an additional feature.

I am looking forward to starting the school year off with these new enhanced features!

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