Monday, 7 March 2011


Everyone has something to say. Some of us talk with words, some of us point to pictures, some of us use our hands, some of us use our eyes.

With the iPad or iPod Touch in the classroom there is an app for all of these communication methods. Probably the most well known app is Proloquo2Go.

What is Proloquo2Go?

It is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication System designed for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. It is a very sophisticated tool that allows users to touch pictures or type words.

We are working with emergent communicators. This app allows us to use the symbols that come with the program, Symbolstix, or our own pictures. This is an important feature for our students who are using photographs. Our school has it's own dictionary of objects, photographs, and symbols that we use. It helps create a consistent language that students use no matter what class they are in or where they are in the school.

We can adjust the settings so that there is only one image on the screen at a time. We can have 2 images to use for choice making or 'first-then'. We can have an array of images for choice making.

It is easy enough to change the settings that they can be done on the fly so that the images presented to each student are appropriate for them.

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