Sunday, 6 March 2011

Getting Started and Sound Shaker Review

I use technology as part of my teaching program for students with special needs. I use high tech, low tech, no tech. I use picture communication symbols, tactile schedules, auditory scanning, choice boards, PECS, iPads and iPods, gestures, sign language ... you get the idea!!! At my school we use what works and are always looking and learning.

We are very excited about the work we are doing with touch technology. We have a lot of apps that we use with special education students. We are looking every day for new ones, but of course we have our favourites! Please let us know what your favourites are, what we should check out, what you like.

One of our top picks is Sound Shaker by zinc Roe.

Students touch the screen and make music. Each touch brings a sound and image reward. The longer you sustain your touch the higher the notes move through the scale until a little bird hatches out. Moving the device around causes the little sound balls to bounce around the screen making music.

It engages students hands, ears, and eyes. You can ask them to tip it the left or right, up or down, teaching spacial awareness and direction. There are multiple sound options including an animal choice. You can ask the students to hold the ball until they hear a specific animal sound. The colours cycle through the notes as you sustain touch and you can ask students to create balls of a certain colour.

There are so many teaching opportunities with this app, so many ways to engage students. We are able to plug the iPad directly into a student's personal FM system so that the sounds are being delivered directly into their hearing aid. I might not be able to hear what he hears, but I can see him working hard to move the iPad around the shake the balls and holding his hand on the screen to create different sounds.

You can't do that with a single switch ... unless you have a bluetooth single switch!

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