Sunday, 6 March 2011

iPad 2

I watched Steve Jobs' talk about the launch of iPad2. I don't care much about the thinner case, or the faster processor. The case is cool, but won't work for my class, we need something a little hardier. We all guessed correctly that there would be camera and video in the new iPad, and yes, I want one.

But what got me really excited was the mirroring option. Every since we started using these devices in the classrooms we have struggled with how to display the information for all to see. I have tried document cameras, webcams, and stills. What usually happens is everyone huddles together around the tiny device trying to see and no one can see anything.

There will now be an accessory that allows you to plug your iPad into an HDMI screen or projector. According to speculation it should also work with iPad1!! This will be another game changer for us. Being able to plug it into our Promethean Board, data projector, television will allow us to teach to larger groups of students and present information in a way that they can see on a much larger scale. It will also mean that giving presentations about the work we are doing will be so much more meaningful when we can show, in real time, what the students are using on the device.

So excited!!

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