Friday, 18 March 2011

Draw Race Review

There is a lot being written about how the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch are being used for communication and direct teaching, but that isn't all we use it for.  A big part of the reason that my students are so engaged with touch technology is that it is fun! There are some really fun apps out there that are also educational.

Draw Race by Red Lynx is one of these apps. It is a racing game that works on fine motor skills.

Using an index finger players draw their way around the track. Once each player has had their turn the race starts. The cars follow along the lines that the players drew, racing around the track to the finish.

I like this app because the students aren't aware of the learning that is going on. They are racing cars and having a great time! They learn quickly to draw accurate lines for their cars to follow. They also learn that the cars will follow any line they draw around the track, and sometimes that is much more fun!

This game can by played with up to 3 players, the social interaction is built right in. Students are encouraged to cheer each other on while they draw their laps and during the race.

There is also a lot of math involved in playing this game. Each car is a different colour and the track lines match the car colour providing students an opportunity to work on colour recognition. Students can graph the race winners by colour or by time. They can try to beat their times and work out the math to find the difference in times, or the differences in time from first place to third.

This app can be extended into the classroom by asking students to map their own race tracks. They can then drive toy cars on their tracks further developing their pincer grip and fine motor skills.

What are your favourite games? Why do you like them? Please share in the comment section!


  1. This would be a great game to teach the use of a stylus. I am wondering...have you ever tried using the integrated keyboard with ASD students? We have ordered some iPads, and I am now wondering about ordering bluetooth keyboards also. Have you tried either?

  2. We have used the integrated keyboard but without the tactile feedback of pressing individual keys it has been a challenge for typing longer messages. The bluetooth keyboards work great with the device though.